Jobs I've Held

May 2003 - January 2007 -- Tropicana Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, NJ
                                        Positions Held - Poker Dealer, Poker Floorperson

June 2002 - August 2002      Bally's Park Place Hotel Casino
                                        Position Held   -   Slot Attendant

May 1991 - February 2002   Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
                                        Positions Held - Barporter, Beverage Technician, Poker Dealer

(Intermittent times during, and between jobs- Short order cook, restaurant manager, computer repair/troubleshooter, Limo/Taxi Dispatcher/Driver)

    Some people get angry when they lose a job- I've found that the old saying "When one door closes, another door opens!"
Each time I've left a job, whether it was my choice or not, each new job was a learning experience.
One thing I've found, is that not every job is for every person, but when you DO find the job that you realize you are really good at, Stick with it, and above all,
                                                        NEVER STOP LEARNING!

Encourage, nurture,Learn from your mistakes, and help others learn from your mistakes!